Create amusing photo-montages with dozens of variations


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You must have seen more than once those typical photo-montages where a friend's face appears on the cover of a magazine, or the other sort where you can change the text on a banner.

If you are looking for a way of making your own photo-montage, you'll be delighted to learn about WriteOnIt.

WriteOnIt is a web application where every type of photo-montage can be produced, whether made by superimposing photos on text, placing your own face or a friend's on the front cover of a magazine or straight on to the body of a celebrity.

Depending on the photo being used for the montage, text or further images can be added, or you can use a still captured from your own webcam.

Once completed, the photo-montage can be saved on the hard drive, then you can created more, since WriteOnIt has no limit.
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